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So I finally went to school today.
I sneezed too hard in first period and ended up with a nosebleed, but...
Other than that it went pretty well.
Although I do have about three tests I have to make up on Monday.



So I've been thinking for a while that I wanted to get a Latin phrase tattooed when I turn 18. I was thinking on having it running up the outside of my right ankle, but I haven't completely decided yet.  I'd love to have script running around my wrist, but that'd be too hard to hide if I worked in certain jobs. But I digress...
Anyways, my question is... which phrase should I have tattooed?
There are two phrases that I'm trying to decide between, as they both have a lot of meaning to me.

First, there's "Per aspera ad astra," which, translated, means "To the stars through difficulties." My only problem is that it's also the slogan for Pall Mall cigarettes, and I definitely do not want a cigarette slogan on my body. However, it's also the slogan for Starfleet (from Star Trek) and my geeky side really, really, digs that. 

There's also "Per ardua ad astra."  It has a very similar meaning, "Through adversity to the stars," but at the same time I don't think it's as beautiful as "Per aspera ad astra" when it's written out. However, I do like the direct translation better... and it's the slogan of the Royal Air Force, which is pretty cool.

In the end, I think I'll probably go with "Per ardua ad astra," but I still have another year and a half to decide.
Just wanted to see what, if anything, anyone thought.

Still Sick

Yeah, stayed home again today.
Wish I could've gone, to see the Mooch off before her epic trip to la belle France, but I woke up this morning and just felt too shitty to go. -sigh-
I still have to go to my Sea Scout meeting tonight, though, to work out if I have a ride to the work party this weekend.
I hope I do. 
I really want to go...


My Head's A Bit Fuzzy

...so sorry if this doesn't make much sense. I'm trying my best, though!

Stayed home from school today, same as yesterday. I thought my parents were gonna force me to go to school, but they've been surprisingly lenient, thank Jeebus. (Probably because my dad is still sick with the same thing that he gave me... and the fact that, unlike my sister, I usually never stay home sick unless I'm actually really, really sick.)

I figure I should go to school tomorrow. Not just because it's only two days until Spring Break, and I should probably do some academic stuff, but also because...

a) I miss The Boy. And he misses me. He called me yesterday as soon as he got home, because he was worried about me, and wanted to talk to me. D'awww. Also, he promised he's gonna give me a big ole chocolate bar and hugs when I finally am well enough to drag myself back to school. Definitely looking forward to that... though I want hugs more than I want the chocolate. Surprising, I know...


b) The Mooch is leaving tomorrow for France, and she's not gonna get back until the end of next week! Lucky girl gets to go to Paris... I've gotta see her at least one more time before she leaves. I mean, she is my best friend and all! I really am going to miss her... who's going to randomly come over and eat my food and play my Wii while she's gone? And who will get into stupid conversations and produce amazing quotes with me? Who the hell will participate in shenanigans with me?! I really am gonna miss her. It's gonna suck even more when she leaves for Europe for two weeks in June. I'm gonna hug her and she'll try to punch me, as always, but I will get my hug before she leaves, muahaha...

Anyway, I hope I'm better by this weekend. My Scout ship's having a work party cleaning up my Skipper's yard. Work itself isn't much fun, but Mr. B also has a hot tub and pool table, and he's making us barbecue afterward! I can't wait.

Plus, ya'know, next week is kind of Spring Break, and I'm going to shank someone if I'm sick over Break. It cannot be allowed to happen! Rawr.

Writer's Block: Secret song

What's the most embarrassing CD or track in your music library? How often do you listen to it? Do you share it with your friends or keep it to yourself?

Mmmm... probably my Avril Lavigne songs.
I used to love, love, love her with all the fiery passion that an 11 year old who's just discovering music can possess, but now I just find her annoying. I used to think she was SO rebellious and cool. Of course, I didn't realize then that she was specifically manufactured to be the anti-Britney....
Now I mainly just keep it on my iPod because, sometimes, when I put it on shuffle, the songs come up, and then I need to listen to them to get it out of my head.

Dammit. "Girlfriend" just popped into my head while I was writing this. 
Now I have to go listen to that blasted song to get it out of my head. Thank you, internet...

Mondays Suck

I feel like shit right now. I had a cold last week, and got over it. Except now I think I have my dad's sore throat as well. Thanks dad. You jerk. (Kidding, I swear!) ( Although he should learn to cover his mouth when he sneezes...) (Also, now I'm super, super paranoid that I got The Boy sick...)

I thought I had an upset stomach as well, only to find out it was cramps. I guess you can have your period twice in less than two weeks... who knew? (Also, did I mention I usually never, ever cramp? Mother Nature's a cunt.)

I had to cancel my guitar lesson today as well, I feel so shitty... except it's Spring Break next week, so I'm probably not having a lesson next week either. That'll make it like three or four weeks with no lesson. I actually wanted to go today, too! I just felt too sick to be able to play properly. 

And yet... I have to go to the beloved institution know as the third circle of hell. Oops... I mean high school. Since I missed part of last week, I can't miss any more school.

So, by tomorrow, I have to finish my Key Terms for AP US History, two Math assignments from when I was sick as well as tonight's homework assignment, an essay on Japanese pop culture, a poem, twenty questions and a lab for Chemistry, and a paper comparing Star Wars to the Odyssey. And I have a Chemistry test on Thursday, and a Math test and a two-chapter test in AP US History on Friday.

As the great comic Zits once put it: "High school isn't about education. It's about endurance."

In addition, I was looking forward to going to SakuraCon in two weeks.
I've been planning for months.
Today, pre-registration closed. I thought my mom had bought tickets months ago, since that's what she told me. (!) 

But, apparently her brain needs an upgrade. (Toyota?)

As she told me today, my mom apparently never bought tickets.

GAH! *facepalm*

Today sucks.


Grizabella, Part Deux

Originally posted to my old account, stolen for my new one...

Battered boys and shattered girlsCollapse )


I made my wish

I really, really wish The Boy was here to sleep with me.
Not for any sexual reasons... just because I want to be in his arms.
It`s comfortable, warm, and I feel safe there.
I could lie in his arms forever.
Also, the best morning ever would be to roll over and see him on the pillow next to me.

Family Love

So apparently The Boy's family wants to have me over for Easter dinner.
With his Grandma.
Did I mention it was Easter dinner?
As in a very special, private family event? 
Guess this means I've finally gotten the (hopefully) future in-laws stamp of approval... and maybe now Vicky will actually start introducing me as Ian's girlfriend instead of friend.
Anyways, so excited!
I'm feeling very included.
I just hope they actually ask... I heard from him that they were thinking of it, but they never actually directly asked... ah, whatever, no stress.
I just hope that they actually ask, haha.


A poem I wrote about a week ago...

Tis a tad long...Collapse )

If anyone reads and wants to leave constructive criticism, feel free...
I could use the help.




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